US$ 2.500/m²
Franchise fee
US$ 17.000
Equipment and management systems
US$ 7.500
Inauguration Marketing
US$ 5.000

Initial inventory and working capital

Initial inventory: starting from: US$ 75.000

Working capital: starting from: US$ 75.000

Equivalent to 2% of the value of monthly purchases of the franchised unit. Royalties ensure the maintenance of the network services, as well as the use of the brand.

Advertising Fee
Equivalent to 3% of the monthly purchases of the franchised unit.

Minimum size: 60m²


The minimum area of the commercial point is 45m². Cia. Hering will provide guidance as to the correct size for each unit, according to market studies. All the estimated values are based in São Paulo.

* These are estimated costs are and they may fluctuate according to the condition of the property or location of the installation of the unit. In this estimate the following items are included: investments with the mezzanine, air-conditioning, store front, floor, lighting, furniture, manikins and hangers. The initial inventory, working capital, commercial goodwill and the constitution of the company are not included.

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